..Platymantis luzonensis
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Name Platymantis luzonensis, Luzon forest frog (Brown, Alcala, Diesmos and Alcala)
Distribution Luzon and Polillo
Habitat Strict forest specialist, found at its highest densities in primary forest
Remarks A member of the Guentheri group, P.luzonensis calls from at least 2m above the ground and occurs at relatively low densities (see frog report section). Frogs on Polillo have a marginally faster call and appear slightly less rugulose than those in high elevation sites on Polillo. More taxonomic work is necessary to determine the precise taxonomic status of this frog and other lowland populations on Luzon. Mean mass 2.0g (n=3 range 0.8g (juvenile) to 3.05g). Mean female mass 7.09g (n=2). Mean SVL 36.6 mm, (n=7, range 23 to 48)

Call of Platymantis luzonensis

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