..Platymantis polillensis
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Name Platymantis polillensis, Polillo forest frog (Taylor)
Distribution Polillo Island
Habitat Forest
Remarks Previously considered extinct, this critically endangered species was rediscovered in 1999 and is now known from several localities on Polillo but apparantly is very localised in its distribution. Has always been found calling from within 15m of a stream although like other platymantids it is presumed to be a terrestrial breeder. Very similar in appearance to Platymantis sierramadrensis, but with some variation in its call. Further call analysis and investigation of different populations in the Sierra Madre is necessary to resolve the species affinities. Mean SV length 21.8mm n=8 (Range 23.95-19mm), Mean mass 0.6g, n=8 (range 0.93-0.325g)

Call of Platymantis polillensis

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