Anas luzonica
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Name Anas luzonica, Philippine duck, Papan
Distribution Philippines
Habitat Freshwater lakes, marshes and rivers

Vulnerable (Collar et al., 2000). The Philippine Duck, locally known as the 'papan' has declined dramatically throughout the Philippines, largely due to hunting and loss of its wetland habitat; its population is thought to have decreased by over 20% in just 10 years. Small numbers of 'papan' were sighted throughout the Polillo Islands however Jomalig Island represents its true stronghold, with a renowned breeding population and numbers estimated at 3000 (Gonzalez, J.C.T., 1997) - a site of global significance. Our surveys documented a maximum of 50 individuals instantaneously with such sightings typically occurring around pools of fresh and brackish water; these areas of standing water lie within a matrix of rice paddies, rough pasture and marshland. Recent television coverage of the Jomalig's 'Papan' has generated enthusiasm for its protection however it continues to be perceived as a pest of the rice paddies and nestlings are also collected. Attention was drawn to the need for effective anti-depredatory devices.


Call of Papan