Megapodius cumingii
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Name Megapodius cumingii pusillus, Tabon scrubfowl, Tabon
Distribution Sulawesi, Borneo and the Philippines. The subspecies is found across most of the Philippines apart from Palawan
Habitat Localised to coastal scrub, More common on isolated areas, and offshore islands.
Remarks This unusual secretive megapode shares a communal nest, an example of such was seen on Jomalig. The nesting area was in a strip of fine sand bordered by pandans and by a mixture of scrub and coconuts; four females were reported to have occupied this site. Eggs were reported to be collected on Jomalig, apparently it is forbidden to sell though not collect the eggs. According to the local guide nesting typically occurs between April and June; a single egg is laid daily until a final clutch size of ten is reached.