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Despite the importance of the Philippine islands as a hotspot of global biodiversity and endemism (or perhaps as a consequence of it), there are few taxonomic keys that cover more neglected groups such as lizards and frogs. This is unfortunate because it deters students in particular from studying these taxa. This multimedia guide to key vertebrates found on the Polillo Islands, Philippines is intended to facilitate identification of these animals in the Polillos. It could be extended to cover the Greater Luzon Region and beyond and might serve as a useful tool in the absence of any satisfactory keys to these groups that can be used on living animals. The guide is not complete and various taxonomic difficulties have not been resolved, partly because no specimens were taken by the project. Some nomenclature is likely to be changed in the near future. Thanks to Rafe Brown, Maren Gaulke, J. C. Gonzales, Nina Ingle, Larry Heaney, Des Allen, Ron Crombie and Tim Jackson for help with identifications. All pictures and sound recordings made in the Polillos 1999-2002. Unless stated photographs are by Katie Hampson, Daniel Bennett, Susan Walker and Tom Clements.

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A Multimedia Guide to the Vertebrate Animals of the Polillo Islands, Philippines.

ISBN 1-904589-01-4


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