MORATORIUM & SURROUNDING REGIONS: LIPATA, ABACA, BALETE SAPA, LISTOR'S FOREST, SALAPAKAN: Commercial logging companies left this mountainous region in the early 1980s and remains of extensive logging operations are evident. Rivers provided accessible routes for transportation of logs to sawmills on Luzon, the Anibawan and Salapakan rives are still important for such activities today. Most mountain ridges were cleared for logging roads, consequently low canopy scrub-like forest surrounds paths, including those used regularly by current smaller scale carabao logging. Soil quality is reputedly poor. After logging companies withdrew land was mostly left to regenerate and was not converted to coconut plantations like most of southern Polillo. Local logging pressure is now intense; large areas are mostly not owned and considered free access for all, logging is described as the chief employment for most males in certain localities and trees are cut irrespective of size or species since virtually all large timber trees have already been removed. Remaining unlogged forest with old large trees is therefore particularly at risk. However the rugged landscape and extensive mountain ranges preserved some areas intact.