We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all those whose involvement has been invaluable to the success of this research.

We are exceedingly grateful to Vicente 'Enteng' Yngente the Polillo Ecology Warden without whom this would not have been possible, and to his family: Malou Yngente, Mavic Yngente and Mark Vincent Yngente for their generous hospitality and particularly for Malous tireless efforts.

We are indebted to the wonderful local members of the team for their exceptional hard work, immense skill, great sense of humour and generosity without whom we would have been literally lost: Augusto Zafe, William Bulalacao, Pio Gurubat, Rodolfo Sopranes, Nilo A. Capsionda, Emanuel Zafe, Elmer Atento, Melvin Romantico (Bato), Nathaniel Rutaguio (Patnanungan), Mang Romilo Aguado (Jomalig), Mang Kandido Tadike (Mount Malulod), Mang Rodolfo Ibasco (Aluyon), Mang Ibing, Victoriano V Sayno, Totoy Alcanzo and Nestor Sayno (Abaca), Mang Felipe Espataguera (Macnit), Ronnie and Mang Lito (Kalubakis), and Noli Lazante and Alejandro Gomeg (Salapakan).

We are very grateful to the staff and Mayors from each municipal office for support and permission to work in each of their municipalities. In particular we would like to thank the Major of Polillo Hon. Isarme Bosque, everyone from the Polillo municipal office particularly Amabel Soltura-Azagra for her continuous support and Mang Tiny Aquobia, from Patnanungan Municipal office Mayor Vicvic Consulta, from Jomalig Municipal office, Mayor Rodelo Tena, from Burdeos Municipal office Mayor Jose Ayuso and vice-major Eddie Nakar Durante, from Panukulan Municipal Office, Margie P Ortilland, Josifina P Holledo, & Pedrito Zacaria, and Cesar U. Calleja from Polillo Island DENR-CENR station. We are also very grateful for the excellent service of all the volunteers working for Kabalikat civicom.

Very many thanks to William Oliver, JC Gonzalez, Liza Dans, Leticia Afuang, Roger Wilkinson, Aldrin Mallari, Ed Maranan and Andy Dans for all the help provided throughout our work in the Philippines. Thanks for making the project so much fun and for all your hard work: Mimie Ledesma, Ma. Victoria Hilario, Michael Manuba, Mark Reyes, April Rico, Alfie Pulumbarit, Edmond Leo B. Rico, Phillip Alviola, Lorenzo Rumabiles, Rezin, Baldwin Guiterrez and Ryne Amatorio.

Many many thanks for the kindness and hospitality of people from the Polillo Islands in particular: Nathaniel Rutaguio, Celestial Rutaguio, Sir Efren Fumatega and family, Tony Moral, and Leonardo Damdoy Consulta (Patnanungan), Mang Romilo Aguado, Siony Ortillian, Rodel T. Espiritu, Maya Marasigan, and Henry Sustento (Jomalig), Mang Kandido Tadike and Mang Ero Agana (Mount Malulod), Mang Roger Villanueva, Mang Steve Murao, Elmer Atento, Mang Tomasito Suaberdes, Tita Josephine Malubay, Emanuel Zafe, and Remigio Romana (Polillo Poblacion), Mang Rodolfo Ibasco, Nana Precing Ibasco, Tata Inong Gonzales, Manager Sonny and Lorenzo Sarmiento (Aluyon), Fernando Sirano (Anibawan), Marife Armada-Han, Conselo Armada, Romulo Armada, Carl Han, Monica Han, Rodrigo F Dacillo, Fr. Roque Bitangcor, Paring-Linkod and San Juan Bautista (Panukulan), Sourdes A Penamante (Lipata), Mang Ibing (Severiano Brasero), Rogelio S Buena & Gloria V Buena, Victoriano V Sayno, Totoy Alcanzo and Nestor Sayno (Calasumanga and Abuyuin), Augusto Zafe, Pio Gurubat, Porfeiao Zafe (Perio) & Remdios Tayoto, Lily Azagra, Reuben B Leurubat, Gil Sopranes, Christian Zafe, Jimboy Zafe, Nilo A. Capsionda, Mathias Bulalacao, Ricky Bulalacao, Ruel Salvador SK (Pinaglubayan), William Bulalacao, Oniesimo Azwna and Lumil Bulalacao (Tumulaya), Melvin Romantico (Bato), Rodolfo Sopranes, Glady Sopranes, Richel V Sopranes, Mang Felipe Espataguera (Macnit), Manang Inday Espataguera, and Romeo Sopranes (Macnit), Sanny M. Navarro, Orion Agro-marine corp, Juhn L. Garzon, Orion Culture Farm, Mang Igay, and Mang Bahen (Puting Bato), Ronnie, Mang Lito, Mr Bilyasan, Ruperto Zaido, Stony Rutaguio, and Mang Tony Bicatie (Kalubakis), Ruel Salvador SK, Noli Lazante, Alejandro Gomeg, Rogelio Rias, and Gary Betgayda (Salapakan). We are also very grateful to the following barangay captains: Noli Daza (Bansalagin), Captain Ayuso (Aluyon), Pepito F Ong (Sibulan), Pedrito Zuņiga (Bato), Mrs Rosmaria Turgo Cabangbang (Anibawan), Rosalito A. Penamante (Lipata) and especially to Juan Vargas of Pinaglubayan.

From SLPC we are extremely grateful to the Principal Engr. Edsel P. Paroan, and all staff members in particular Engr. Edwin S. Sales, Ms Maissa V. Marasigan, Manites P Do Leon, and to many of the pupils, notably Malou M. Cribe, Rexion Manlugon, Ronnie A. Mercado, Wilvin Bagulbagoy, Warren Ortega, Arnel Lapu Cao, Christian Crispor, Renz Verano. Special thanks to Hannibal A. Disanta and Ian Rey Valdez for their hard efforts.

From the following schools we would like to thank Lydia P Salvuza and Mrs Leony Aznar (Polillo National High School), Mrs Alyiranez and Mrs Ong (Sibulan Elementary school), Lani Sindak (Bato Elementary School), Ylando A. Yumi (Burdeos Elementary School), Leila A Bundalian (Calasumanga Elementary School), Mr Bayami Ebascos (Panukulan Central School), Mrs Loida V. Trijo (Amaga elementary school), Mrs Nerita A. Melendrez (Panukulan National High School), Mrs Zonia Sirano (Anibawan Elementary School), Felicito V. Vela and Luisito D. Luces (Patnanungan Central School), Gay Regadon (Patnanungan Norte Elementary School), and Mrs Arce B. Tan (Macnit elementary School).

Many thanks to Mang Fred for his botanical identifications, to Nina Ingle, Rafe Brown, Arvin Diesmos, Maren Gaulke and Danny Balete for advice, James and Natalie MacCarthy and Paddy for such generous hospitality, Winston Card, Ruston Hartegen, Matt (Dallas Zoo) for coming to visit, Tim Jackson for behaving himself, Sandy Duncan (BP Philippines) and the British Consul, Manila, for a day of opulent luxury, Katherine Gotto and the BP Conservation Programme team, Des Allen for his great expertise, Franceys Allen from Weatherwriter VIP, George McGavin, Jimmy Findley, Unilever factory 1, and Boying Fernandez.

With the Generous Assistance of:

  • Flora and Fauna International
  • Oxford University
  • The North of England Zoological Society
  • The Royal Geographical Society
  • The Oxford University Exploration Club
  • The Mike Soaper Bursary
  • The Gilchrist Educational Trust
  • The Edinburgh Trust
  • The Albert Reckitt Trust
  • Weather writer VIP
  • The British Library Of Wildlife Sound/ National Sound Archive
  • The Percy Sladen Foundation
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