Extracts from

Wildlife of Polillo Island, Philippines

Oxford University - University of the Philippines at Los Banos
Polillo Project 1999

Final Report

Katie Hampson
Phillip Alviola
Daniel Bennett
Chloé Galley
Ma Victoria Hilario
Mimie Ledesma
Joseph Nicholson
Henry P. Roy Jr.
Susan Walker

Daniel Bennett

Published 2000 by Viper Press, Glossop. ISBN: 0952 6632 52

Preliminary survey and status report for Varanus olivaceus on Polillo Island by Daniel Bennett

Notes on Varanus salvator marmoratus on Polillo Island, Philippines by Daniel Bennett

1. An account of the amphibian species found on Polillo island by Katie Hampson

2. An Investigation into Amphibian Assemblages of Polillo by Katie Hampson

3. Status and Distribution of Platymantis luzonensis by Katie Hampson

4. Sound Analysis of Polillo Amphibians by Katie Hampson

5. Recommendations, References and Appendices - Amphibians of Polillo by Katie Hampson

Lizard diversity along disturbance gradients in Polillo island: Implications for effective conservation by Mimie M.Ledesma

The Distribution and Ecology of Bats in the Polillo Islands, Philippines by Phillip A. Alviola

List of the batflies found in Polillo Island by Henry P. Roy Jr.

Inventory of birds around Sibulan watershed area by Ma. Victoria P. Hilario and Susan Walker

Preliminary Analysis of Forest in Sibulan Watershed reserve and surrounding forest patches by Chloé Galley

Polillo '99 Cartography by Joseph Nicholson

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